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Painting and Decorating in Essex

Tuesday 26th of June 2018

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Painting And Decorating

Do you want to revitalise the exterior of your premises?  PW Painter can enable you to accomplish that with our painting and decorating service in Essex. 

Painting and decorating

At PW Painter, our painters and decorators specialise in outdoor and indoor domestic painting. We work with any property from terraced houses to stately homes and rented accommodation. 

We believe that we're just as good as our previous work and this serves us well. After all, the sign of a good company is one where customers return time and time again.


Our decorating service means that your windows are completely fixed and decorated to a high standard. We can do this on site with the Dulux Weathershield paint system. This service works for windows that simply require a great lick of paint as opposed to a full restoration. 

Wall Paper Hanging

We understand that no two papers would be the same when it comes to hanging. Each wallpaper comes with its own special instructions. Without the experience of a decorator to interpret those directions things can go wrong.  We offer the know how to achieve the best results. This is not something that you can get from a label on a roll.

Interior Decorating 

It is simple to transform your house or apartment with help from PW Painter. Each room is transformed by our professionals.

Exterior Decorating

Our expert painters will help with fence painting, gates and walls to improve the design of your premises.  

Bathrooms Decorated

Colour can transform a bathroom. Take a bathroom that is traditional and add a colourful paint to bring a contemporary edge to your own suite. Or then add pastel hues to a minimalist bathroom to add softness.

Find A Painter And Decorator Essex

PW Painter are a small team of tradesman with many years  experience.  We work with both domestic and commercial premises. Working in private and the public sectors, we also undertake damaged ceilings caused by leaks.  This can be dealt with through your insurance and work for inferior walls. We also specialise in painting and decorating for landlords throughout Essex. 

We also have expertise in preparing for decoration. So we are able to take on entire projects reducing trouble for you, in regards to repairs. Reliable work is provided by our specialists.  We have built up a reputation for delivering high-quality finishes. We also finish great work with tight deadlines.