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Tuesday 26th of June 2018

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Bathroom Decorating

Designing a new bathroom might appear a big job to undertake. We offer professional bathroom decorating ideas and advice to help you get it right.  There are several factors to keep in mind while you consider the design.  

Our bathroom decorating experience means that we can inspire you to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Painting a bathroom

Paint your walls with the colour of your choice. It’s now not vital to select gloss paint in a bathroom to prevent moisture settling. Look for paints with an additive to matte paint that will hold it back from mildewing.

Paint does not need to be for the walls alone. Buy an eggshell or semi-gloss paint to paint the cabinets, too.

Bathroom colour schemes are vital for the appearance, experience and layout you need for your bath or shower room. Improve a bland design and upload colour on your room.  Look out for brilliant bathroom colour schemes. 

Including a radiant hue on your bathroom will lift your home design.  This well-used area will be brought into line with the relaxation of your decor. If you decide upon a chic and current take on interiors, you can pick muted greys. These will complement your otherwise neutral lavatory colour scheme.

Redesign Existing Tiles

Are your tiles dull and there’s not a great deal you could do about it, try detachable adhesive tiles? They install easily and, seem like the real thing. They can be removed with out disturbing the tiles behind it.

Bathrooms and wet rooms have specific factors that differ from the rest of the home. Water, steam, heat and cleaning products can be hard at the decor.  So specialist products are used which make sure the finish is desirable.

We will use products and types which focus on redecorating bathrooms. These include ingredients which combat against mould, steam and condensation. This is to ensure a protracted lasting adhesion.

Painting Your Bathroom

Before we decorate your toilet we will need answers to the following questions.

Is the room nicely ventilated? Are there home windows?

This may influence the condensation building up within the room.

Are you decorating close to the bath?

If so pick the suitable water resistant coating.

Preparation is vital to ensuring a finish which lasts. Taking time to get the foundation right before painting or wallpapering will highlight problems which may arise later on. These issues can include damp or cracks and chips inside the substrate.

Damp air can sit on wall surfaces. If the humidity stays excessive can lead to mould increase. If the walls already have strains of mould then products can be used. This includes mildew killer and remover or fungicidal solution. These help clear away mildew and provide a  surface to prevent the threat of mould developing again after decoration.